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Tips for Summer Traveling

a woman with her suitcase at the airport.

It’s summertime, which for many people means traveling to some place new for a short period of time. Whether you’re flying somewhere for a faraway vacation or taking a weekend road trip with friends, Trailside45 Apartments Blog has some great tips to help your trip be successful and memorable.


This summer, try using an online packing list to make sure you don’t forget any key items. You can add and remove items that are or aren’t relevant to you and your trip. Click on the link above for an extensive packing list, or for something more simple, you might like this one.

Road Trip Tips

Take time to clean out your car before getting on the road. Using a portable trash can will also help to keep things nice and tidy throughout the trip.

Before leaving on the trip, give each person in the car a responsibility. For example, one person will be over driving, one over navigation, and another over taking care of sleeping and eating accommodations. You can also rotate these roles as needed, especially if you have more than one person on the trip who is able to drive.

Make sure to be prepared for any issues that may arise. This might mean servicing your car before heading out. It may also mean having jumper cables and various car fluids handy in case of vehicle troubles along the way.

Flying Tips

Choose to wear loose-fitting clothing. Wearing stiff jeans or a leather jacket may not be the best thing to wear on a long flight — especially if you’re traveling somewhere warm or humid!

Have nutrient-rich snacks with you, like something full of protein. This will help you to stay full and keep you more sustained than you would be with other snacks.

Wear layers in order to warm up or cool down. This will also make your flight more comfortable and stress-free. You can never predict the in-flight temperature, so be prepared for multiple situations.

Preserving Memories

Send a postcard to your home address from each place you visit. When you get home, bind them together — along with photos you take and any other trip memorabilia like maps or ticket stubs — for a fun and simple keepsake. For another fun way to keep the memories alive, keep a travel journal with pictures and thoughts.

What are your favorite travel suggestions for getting out of Traverse City, MI? Let the rest of our apartment community know in the comments. Thanks for reading!