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Hand-Crafted Valentine's Cards

A Valentine's day card next to some other heart decorations

To welcome in the month of February, we’re bringing you a Valentine-themed post. Rather than spending money on fancy cards to prove to others you love them this Valentine’s Day, Trailside 45 Apartments Blog invites you to show your love by spending time crafting a card by hand! Try following one of these tutorials in your Traverse City, MI apartment to make a personalized card for someone you love.

Le Coeur by Assemble

This year, make a special card for someone special — one that’s shaped like an actual heart! Thanks to a handy template provided in the link, you’ll be able to trace this multi-piece heart pattern onto any combination of papers and colors that you see fit. If you’re not experienced with an x-acto knife, it might take you a few tries to get it right, but luckily, paper is fairly inexpensive.

Heart-Shaped Crayons by The Nerd’s Wife

These heart-shaped crayon Valentines are a fun idea not only for kids, but for adults, as well. As a grown up, it’s always fun to receive a little something like a shaped crayon as a nostalgic throwback. Something artistic is always the right answer! You’ll need a tray of silicone heart molds and a bag of old crayons, but other than that, the supplies are pretty commonplace. Make an afternoon out of preparing these cards; it’s bound to be a blast.

Hearts Stitched Together by Dandee Designs

For anyone who has been itching to practice cross stitching, this card is the perfect excuse to get started. Its minimal design features two small cross stitched hearts centered on white cardstock with the words “hearts stitched together” written or printed underneath. While it is a simple-looking card, it has a nice and clean presentation, and it’s a great excuse to practice a new skill!

Message in Bottle Valentine by Camille Styles

Are you looking for something a little more creative than a card? Make your significant other smile with this Valentine in a bottle! Head to a local craft store for a small glass bottle with a cork top, some thin wire, a pair of needle-nose pliers, red felt, red embroidery thread, and some thin metal chain. Follow Camille Styles’ illustrated tutorial for step-by-step instructions!

We hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for reading.