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DIY Cat Treats for National Pet Month

a cat's front paws on the hardwood floor

May is here, which brings with it nicer weather to enjoy here in Traverse City, MI, which is perfect timing for National Pet Month, celebrated every May. There’s never a better time to show your faithful canine or feline some extra love. Making some homemade treats can be a great way to show them how special they are to you. Below, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite cat treat recipes for residents of our Trailside45 Apartments.

Tuna & Cheddar Cat Crisps

Paw-print snacks are a great way to visually complement this tasty, crispy cat treat. It’s also a pretty fool-proof way to make sure you don’t accidentally eat one of these by mistake. For the recipe, you’ll need canned tuna, an egg, vegetable oil, shredded cheddar cheese, parsley, and oat flour. You can use a small spoon to make the paw prints.

Milk Cat-Sicle

For those that are looking for a cooler treat on the warmer days, freezing your milk of choice — whether cow’s milk or goat milk — is a great way to keep your feline friend refreshed. You can often find goat milk powder or milk that’s made specifically for cats at the pet store. The recipe recommends slowly introducing milk to your cat if they aren’t used to it, to make sure it sits well with their stomach.

Salmon & Oat Cat Treats

Salmon and oats are good for humans, and they’re just as good for your feline friend. Utilizing whole foods in this recipe means your cat will be getting healthier foods that don’t skimp on taste but don’t cost an arm and a leg. You’ll just need some canned salmon, oat flour, an egg, olive oil, and dried catnip. You’ll find facts, a list of ingredients, and step-by-step instructions with pictures at the link above.

We hope you enjoy making up these fabulous feline treats. Have a happy National Pet Month!